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When To Change Your Windshield Wipers

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Fuel GaugeThere are a few different indicators that let you know when it is time to change your windshield wipers. While most drivers replace theirs every two and a half years, that is not the correct rule. Windshield wipers should be changed at least once per year, although every six months is preferred.

Signs like discoloration and cracking are wear signs that the blades are past their physical prime. Further, the quality of the wipe is another indicator that it’s time to change them. They need to be replaced if they make noise or chattering sounds that can be clearly heard. Also, a dead giveaway is there are unwiped or streaking areas on the windshield. Built-in wear indicators come on some of the newer wipers and looking at that will let you know it’s time to change them since they’re meant to recognize diminished blade performance.

Preventative Maintenance – Prolong The Life Of Your Car

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Fuel GaugeYour car will last longer and you will spend less money on extensive repairs if you are diligent about providing routine preventative maintenance.

Read your owner’s manual for specific information related to your vehicle, or stop by and have us perform a full routine maintenance inspection on your entire vehicle.

Maintaining your car properly involves much more than simple oil changes and occasional tune-ups. Don’t wait until that light on your dashboard warns you of trouble, because by then, it may be too late and the damage may have already been done.

A good auto repair shop starts with a great staff.

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Haven Auto RepairHere at Haven Auto Repair we pride ourselves on our great customer service. How we relate to our customers is our top priority. We strive to have the perfect balance of experienced and knowledgeable technical staff complimented by a friendly and professional customer service personnel. We always put our customers? needs first!. Tell us how we are doing. If we are not meeting your needs let us know and we will make every effort to go the extra mile for you.

Check Your Automobile’s Belts & Hoses

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Most automobile owners are unhappy to learn that the belts and hoses in their car wear out with time and will need to be replaced.  And unfortunately, depending on which belts or hoses are in need of replacement, it can be quite costly.  However, not replacing belts and hoses that need to be replaced can be even more expensive?because a leaky hose or a broken belt can cause overheating and other major problems.  Here are some basic tips for inspecting your belts and hoses:

  1. Check your fluid levels.  If you are low on coolant or other fluids after recently topping them off, there?s a good chance you have a leak. 
  2. Look for cracks, bulges and visible fraying.  Pay particular attention to bends in the hoses and the sections that connect to engine components. 
  3. Feel belts to ensure that they are somewhat soft.  As belts age, they harden.  Once they have hardened, they are much more susceptible to cracking and ultimately snapping.

Regularly inspecting your belts and hoses is a good idea to help protect yourself from a costly breakdown in the future. Of course, if you?d rather not get your hands dirty inspecting your belts and hoses yourself, bring your car into us and let us have a look.

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